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14 June 2011

Global News Story on the Business of Autographs Featuring The Signature Library

I’ve spent the better half of my life in pursuit of building one of the most unique and diverse Autograph collections. It’s been more than just a hobby, a passion, an obsession, and now its become my business. The Signature Library is more than just a website that sells “Signatures” or “Autographs”, its about the [...]

20 December 2010

The Signature Library’s Top Ten Autograph Moments of 2010

After spending almost a decade in Los Angeles, the mecca of celebrity autographs, being based out of Toronto, Canada made the year of 2010 a year devoted to acquiring signatures of the rare, reclusive and rewarding.  The following is The Signature Library’s Top Ten autograph moments of 2010. 1.  Neil Peart/Rush Autographed Guitars:  One good [...]