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26 October 2013

LA Stories: Dave Grohl is back on stage & Jeff Beck gets honored

Another typically busy night in Los Angeles had me doing a balancing an act between two important events. The first was in honour of Jeff Beck and Patrick Dempsey and held at the Petersen Automotive museum on Fairfax. The second event was an Autism benefit  at Boulevard 3 in Hollywood hosted by Michael Chiklis and Maria [...]

24 June 2011

Jermaine Jackson salutes his brother Michael Jackson while in Toronto for the 2011 IIFA Awards

On the weekend that is the anniversary of Michael Jackson’s tragic passing, Michael’s brother Jermaine Jackson happens to be in Toronto this weekend paying tribute to his late brother at the 2011IIFA awards. When I learned of this “Bollywood” tribute with Jermaine in my hometown city (where I spend my summer) I made a point [...]

20 December 2010

The Signature Library’s Top Ten Autograph Moments of 2010

After spending almost a decade in Los Angeles, the mecca of celebrity autographs, being based out of Toronto, Canada made the year of 2010 a year devoted to acquiring signatures of the rare, reclusive and rewarding.  The following is The Signature Library’s Top Ten autograph moments of 2010. 1.  Neil Peart/Rush Autographed Guitars:  One good [...]

16 November 2010

Autographs become Art at The Signature Library

Over 20 years ago in Toronto, I embarked on an unknown path . That unknown path would lead me on a journey of adventures in the creaation of a collection– a collection of “Signature Art“. I recently put my collection on display in an art gallery in Toronto’s Yorkville during the Toronto International Film Festival. [...]

25 June 2010

On the anniversary of the King Of Pop’s passing I remember my meetings with Michael Jackson

I had first met Michael Jackson in Harlem, New York as Michael was there to speak out at a demonstration against Tommy Mottola and Sony Records. The press conference was held at Al Sharpton’s Harlem office. knowing security and fans would be rabid, I planned to sneak into the building before Michael Jackson arrived, in [...]

25 June 2010

The time Michael Jackson invited me into a store while shopping and signed a guitar

Visit The Signature Library to see more memorabilia signed by Michael Jackson