Finding Fats Domino

My first trip to New Orleans I had anticipated many things synonymous with the New Orlean culture. I planned my visit around an exceptional headlining lineup of this year’s Voodoo Fest or Voodoo Music + Arts Experience, featuring Pearl Jam, Nine Inch Nails and The Cure.

Taking place over Halloween weekend in Crescent City, I was excited to finally experience Vodoo after a kibosh-ed attempt in 2005 when Hurricane Katrina hit just a few weeks before, devastating the city, leaving massive destruction in its wake and displacing its locals. Since then, New Orleans had undergone some significant transformations.

One very famous local resident who had managed to survive the worst hit area, the legendary musician Antoine “Fats” Domino was living in the historic 9th ward hat was completely destroyed by Katrina. Having waited almost a decade to finally travel to New Orleans this past October, I was determined to meet this one of the most influential men of Rock n Roll. My time was limited in the The Big Easy but I managed to arrange a brief but personal meeting with the legend himself. Unfortunately when I arrived, Fats was sleeping and not feeling up for a visit, so I was told to return the next day, also my last day in New Orleans.

Bryan & Fats Domino in Fat's home in New Orleans

Bryan & Fats Domino in Fat’s home in New Orleans

The following day, as I rang the doorbell, Fats’ daughter Adonica greeted me at the door and explained that Fats was not feeling so well. Nevertheless, she welcomed me into their home and took me into Fats bedroom where he was resting on a chair, introducing me to her father, a musical icon. It was surreal to be in Fats’ home surrounded by his gold records, reminders of the many accolades his received in his long and inspired career. His home also showcased an incredible Rock n Roll memorabilia collection that adorning the living room area I passed on my way to his bedroom where I was to meet him in person. I finally got to sit down with Fats and talk with him about music and New Orleans, the most thrilling way to end my first trip to New Orleans. It took almost 10 years, but eventually, as Fat’s most famous song “Blueberry Hill” goes, “I found my thrill”.

Fats Domino signed original vinyl

Fats Domino signed original vinyl