Muse Brings the 2nd Law to Canada


The first time I saw Muse perform during their Black Holes and Revelations tour as headliners for Lollapalooza weekend in 2007 I had doubts about the progressive rock band. Not having any real expectations before the show it wasn’t long before I was converted to their unique sound and their lofty guitar and orchestral arrangements. I remember turning to my buddy and asking him, is it really just three guys making all that noise?

Much like Daft Punk, another great Lollapalooza act that year with an incomparably decadent performance, Muse combined the sonic experience with a visual one like a parallel circuit that electrified this live wire performance.

Despite the heightened sensory experience that is Muse I still didn’t invest much in the group after the show – keeping in mind I was there to see Pearl Jam and My Morning Jacket.

That changed this past week in Toronto, as Muse played two sold out shows at Toronto’s Air Canada Centre. Following their first show of their North American tour promoting their most recent album The 2nd Law in Atlanta, Georgia, Muse’s arrival to Canada afforded me the opportunity to actually meet the band. I had a few of their prolific albums on vinyl, all of which had striking artwork (which is fitting for this visually creative band) that I hoped to have autographed, but after confirming the details of the band’s exclusive interview with CBC’s Q, I also brought along a sleek Gibson Epiphone guitar. What I wasn’t so sure about was how incredibly cool and accommodating the band members Matt Bellamy, Christopher Wolstenholme and Dominic Howard would be. This is what I love about what I do. Meeting bands in person and having the kind of experience I did with Muse only heightens my appreciation for these guys and what they do. Of course it doesn’t always work out like this but when it does, it’s the ultimate high. Discovering great music is always fun, encountering the people behind the music, however, creates a connection that elevates the musical experience more than any laser light show ever could.

Bryan with Dominic Howard and Matt Bellamy of Muse

Muse autographed The 2nd Law album

Muse autographed Epiphone SG guitar