Fleetwood Mac touches down in Toronto


As a child of the seventies I was raised on the music of that era, from hard rock anthems from the likes of Led Zeppelin to the soft rock ballads of Fleetwood Mac. This year Fleetwood Mac makes a return to the stage, stopping by Toronto for a few days, as lead singer Stevie Nicks attends her Canadian premiere of a recent biographical documentary on the recording of her latest solo album, titled In Your Dreams after the album of the same name. Stevie and company have made a huge impact on music over their storied 40 year career. Lead singer Stevie has played an especially significant role over the years influencing many singers, from Sheryl Crow to Sara McLachlan.

Over the twenty odd years I have been meeting musicians, Stevie has always been an incredibly difficult signature to acquire in person. The group touched down late Saturday night after a concert in Chicago and spent three days enjoying the long awaited milder spring weather in Toronto. Mick Fleetwood spent some quality time with his family touring the city, while guitarist and songwriter Lindsey Buckingham casually explored the city on foot and visiting sites like Toronto’s beautiful Queen’s park. John McVie also spent time traversing Toronto’s west side. During their extensive layover in Toronto, I was afforded some incredible one-on-one opportunities to meet the legendary individuals that make up this super-group from the seventies, acquiring signatures on their renowned bestselling album “Rumors” and a beautiful acoustic guitar that Stevie Nicks adorned with her signature and the line “In your dreams,” and accompanied by a drawing of a heart – an inspiring line reflecting an achievement beyond most people’s wildest dreams.

A rare Stevie Nicks autographed guitar for The Signature Library

Stevie Nicks autographs an acoustic guitar for The Signature Library

Lindsey Buckingham poses for a photo on a stroll through the streets of Toronto

Mick Fleetwood and TSL in Toronto