Johnny Depp & The Signature Library reunite in Los Angeles

The other day I was waiting in my car in the Valley for Clint Eastwood to arrive on his film set: J Edgar (starring Dicaprio) , when I quickly thought I recognized a black tinted SUV that resembled the vehicle that drives Johnny Depp. Purely going on a hunch and my instincts, I hesitantly drove after the car, and by the time I caught up to it, the car was pulling past a security gate at a private airfield. My friend and friend to the stars, Radioman was with me and we both tried to see who was in the car but couldn’t see past the tint. 20 seconds had gone by and all of a sudden the car appeared backing out past the security gate. Once next to us, the back door opened and out stepped none other than Johnny Depp! He recognized both Radioman and myself and was shocked and happy to see us at the same time. One of the reasons I admire Johnny Depp as not only a great talent, but as a human being is because of a gesture like this. Always, going out of his way and making time for his fans, Johnny is one of the few contemporary Actors who understands what it means to be a Celebrity and how to manage both a public life and a private life. I should add that in my opinion Johnny genuinely likes to make people happy and realizes he has been blessed with great things in his life and is only happy to share this gift with others; the word obligation is NOT at all a part of Johnny’s vernacular. Once Johnny came over to Radioman and I, we talked with him for a few minutes, and took a picture before Johnny left to promote “The Tourist” in Japan. This experience was truly serendipitous.

A few days later, I learned Johnny was returning from his quick trip to Japan and was once again very fortunate to see Johnny in such an exclusive setting. Once again, Johnny graciously autographed more pictures for me and even took some photos with staff members from the airline who were hoping to get up close to the endearing star.

Johnny Depp signs autographs for Bryan of TSL

I have been very lucky to have met Johnny so many times in my life and whats most notable is the fact that Johnny’s treatment of others hasn’t changed one bit since I first met him on the set of “Blow” in Los Angeles over 11 years ago. I’ll never forget that day, how incredibly humbled Johnny was by my desire to meet him. After filming at a house in Los Angeles’ Hancock Park, Johnny took me around the set, took a picture with me in his costume and autographed several things that day.

I always thought this one experience would never be topped, however sometimes I underestimate my own abilities when it comes to new challenges and new adventures. Like the time I had a burning desire to see Johnny in costume again and hope to capture film history by taking a picture with Johnny on the closed and private set of “Pirates of the Caribbean 2“. After seeing the first film, I knew this character was going to become a legendary character on film. When I decided to put my mind to it and figure out a way to sneak on to the Disney lot where (Pirates was filming) I was able to see my plan through and reach my goal of taking a picture with Johnny in costume. However, if it wasn’t for Johnny being such a considerate and generous person, the picture wouldn’t have happened. Once I got up to Johnny on the set that day on the Disney lot, I was approached by Disney security. They asked who I was and were about to throw me in “Disney Jail” if it were not for Johnny telling them “I was with him, and I’m okay.” the situation was quickly resolved and Johnny and I talked for a moment and captured this incredible lifetime memory on film. I have countless stories with Johnny in person and each and every time he is just as cool as the last. Of all the great people I’ve met over the last 25 years of collecting signatures from the World’s most talented artists, Johnny is truly one of a kind and has had a great impact on my life, I am forever grateful for all of these surreal experiences.