Autographs become Art at The Signature Library

The Signature Library Gallery Presents: Signed,Sealed,Delivered

Over 20 years ago in Toronto, I embarked on an unknown path . That unknown path would lead me on a journey of adventures in the creaation of a collection– a collection of “Signature Art“. I recently put my collection on display in an art gallery in Toronto’s Yorkville during the Toronto International Film Festival. Over 20 years of experiences with some of the World’s most celebrated icons. The collection is the home of epic stories and elaborate adventures, all of which have manifested their way into the signatures that gracefully touch each unique piece. The signatures have become the culmination in my love for the chase- the journey that brings together elements of style, design and rarity. This exhibition brings my passion for film, music and sports together to showcase some of my most treasured “Signature Art“, and the photos and memories that go with it.
The exhibition includes a wall dedicated to Michael Jackson and the incredible unique items I had Michael personally autographed for me during his last 7 months.

An autographed photo montage of Michael Jackson

Additionally, there is a wall dedicated to autographed record album covers from The Beatles to The Eagles. I also showcase a grand white wall featuring autographed guitars from Paul McCartney to Guns ‘N Roses. The most unique part of the collection is the Black & White Icon wall, which features a collection of black and white Iconic images–all autographed by the celebrities from generation to generation. The gallery exhibition continues its themed walls with an autographed movie poster selection from Chinatown to Wall Street. Possibly the most “Art” inspired wall is the wall of hand drawn and signed sketches from the likes of Bono, Johnny Depp, Tim Burton and The Simpsons creator Matt Groening. All of these one of a kind pieces of “Signature Art” have their own journey which is featured with photos of myself and the Celebrity and in some cases the Celebrity signing the actual item. I have gone to great lengths to build this collection–devoting an entire room in the Gallery to my photo collection with Celebrities from over two decades, documenting triumphs on camera from my entire life’s work. I have found a way to put myself in the right place at the right time; which has afforded me the opportunities to share this “Signature Art” and the stories behind my life’s work with you.