The Signature Library meets My Morning Jacket Again…At Dawn: night 2

Tuesday nights My Morning Jacket concert at New York City’s Terminal 5 was the 2nd album performance for the bands 5 night run of their album catalogue. It was the stellar sophomore album At Dawn that was performed in its entirety for the first time ever. The show started off with incredible renditions of The Way That He Sings, Hopefully, Bermuda Highway, and Honest Man. The highlight moment and song was the sonic fury that took place during Phone Went West, the band’s energy and sound all came together during this track creating a whole ‘nother level of enthusiasm in the audience.
Each night the band perform selected covers during their encore. On this night, MMJ opened the encore with a haunting performance of Danzig’s How The Gods Kill

The band concluded the show with the Rolling Stones Miss You into their funky b side track Cobra into a heavy rendition of Black Sabbath’s Black Sabbath.
After the show The Signature Library caught up with the band members again to have them autograph the At Dawn album.

Once again, each member was as gracious as the next, thanks Guys! In addition to having the album of that evening signed, TSL was once again able to get a setlist from the night, here’s a pic of both…