Johnny Depp - 2005

Bryan’s passion and love for the chase can never be reproduced –nor can his extensive collection of autographed memorabilia. Every signature was acquired by Bryan, himself with each piece boasting a unique and fascinating story. By obtaining all of these autographs in person, he leaves no possibility for doubt.

Michael Jackson - 2009

Bryan stakes a lifelong reputation of honesty and integrity, guaranteeing each item is without question 100% authentic, with background information, dates, times and stories as well as a deluge of photos.

Fakes and forgeries are abundant in the business, which is why integrity is of paramount importance to Bryan's entire life’s work, ensuring that every signed piece of memorabilia is unique, exclusive and indisputably authentic. The Signature Library is a reputable dealer of original autographed memorabilia with an excellent reputation for securing the most hard-to-secure signatures.

The Signature Library provides a Certificate of Authenticity with each signed memorabilia piece, personalized by Bryan with the story and photos, if available, pertaining to that piece.